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13 evaluation items of Bezior X500 series electric bicycles

  • 26 Dec 2021

Bezior X500 series is produced by BEZIOR, a famous electric bicycle manufacturer. The whole series uses 26 inch tires, 500W power motors, a maximum endurance of 100km and a maximum load of 200kg. It is suitable for people with a height of 165-190cm. The Bezior X500 series includes two products: Bezior X500 and Bezior x500pro. Since its listing, it has been loved and welcomed by more and more people because of its excellent quality and excellent performance, and there are hot selling scenes all over the world. Especially in Europe, there is a serious shortage of goods in many places, resulting in a situation of shortage of products.


The following is the author's detailed evaluation of Bezior X500 series products:

1. Aluminum alloy frame

The strictly selected aluminum alloy 6061 material, after T4T6 heat treatment, has higher strength,corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and ensures the Support strength of each part.

6061 aluminum is a heat treatable alloy. The main alloy elements are magnesium and silicon. Compared with traditional materials, it has the following advantages: (1) It is light and soft. (2) Good strength. After heat treatment strengthening and alloying strengthening, the corresponding strength value of low carbon steel can be reached. (3) Good corrosion resistance. One of the characteristics of 6061 aluminum alloy is that a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface when contacting with air, which can prevent corrosion, so it has good corrosion resistance. (4) Good processing performance. Although there are many advantages, it is more expensive than traditional materials, which also leads to the increase of product cost. Although the materials are good, the pricing of bezior X500 series is not high. It can be seen that bezior has always put the quality of products in the final position, so X500 series has really achieved high quality and low price.


2. 50W high speed brushless motor

The 48V500w high-speed brushless motor is light in weight. Its internal use of star gear design can amplify torque and improve energy efficiency conversion rate. This is reflected in reducing energy consumption and silent energy consumption while increasing cruising range, improving speed performance and climbing performance . Fast power output.

The maximum speed of Bezior X500 is 35km / h, and it only takes 4.9s to up to full speed.

The maximum speed of Bezior X500PRO is 30km / h, and it only takes 4.9s to up to full speed.

3. Panasonic 18650 lithium battery

48V12.8ah power supply 18650 lithium battery pack, completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof, double protection, strong output, always stable. Pure electric can reach 45KM and auxiliary riding can reach 100KM, providing sufficient power output for riding and free riding.

Upgrade 3a wired fast charging to prevent overcharging. It can be directly connected to the charging hole of the vehicle body, and the battery can be removed for charging.


4. The core of wisdom unveiled

Equipped with L-Drives sine wave vector control system, which is efficient, reliable and delicate.It can quickly control the signal from the motor, battery, sensor and combination switch to make it work with software and hardware to improve energy efficiency and reduce a lot of energy consumption under the same power consumption.


5. Start mode & riding mode & power assist mode

Just turn the handle to enter the pure electric mode. X500 is equipped with a 500w brushless high-speed motor, stepless speed regulation, powerful power will be provided to you in time!

Built-in 3 riding modes,easily switch according to the gear and mode, can calmly deal with the needs of different riding scenes:

(1)Electric mode:Turn the electric throttle 0 gear provides electric drive.

(2)Power assist mode:1-5 gears provide about 10%-80% output power.

(3)Riding mode:Bicycle riding mode

Built-in 5-level power assist mode, this mode can be adjusted by the button of the instrument, output from low power mode to high power mode, and intelligently detect each step.Depth sensing pedal strength and rotation speed, helping to ride more comfortably.


6. 5-inch intelligent LCD meter detect driving data

Bezior X500 series adopts intelligent LCD instrument, brand new interactive interface, LCD display, integrated gear switch, bicycle data view,power output setting, clear at a glance, ip54 waterproof and dustproof quality is reliable



7. Oil spring suspension  

Oil spring suspension fork:The dual oil spring suspension and lockable front fork are used to provide the rider with a stronger comfort experience during a collision.Large potholes and muddy roads with a wheel diameter of 26 inches can easily pass the speed bump.The tire has anti-skid and anti-vibration functions. and has a longer span. Bigger, faster, and less effort.

The tire size of Bezior X500 is 26 * 4.0 inches and the tire width is 10cm.

The tire size of Bezior X500PRO is 26 * 1.95 inches and the tire width is 5cm.

 Soft tail rear oil spring suspension:The four-bar linkage structure (front fork of the lower frame, front fork of the upper frame, shock absorber joint, 650-pound rear oil spring shock absorber)enhances shock resistance and shock resistance, and loads the frame Increase to 200kg and provide excellent performance.



8. Shimano transmission system(made in Japan)

Bezior X500:Optional Shimano 27-level transmission system, customized aluminum alloy crank 3-level chainring, classic combination of front 3 and rear 9-levels,sis positioning, durable 27-speed greatly enhances the riding pleasure.

Bezior X500PRO:Optional Shimano 7-speed transmission system, customized aluminum alloy crank 46T sprocket, classic combination of front and rear 1 and rear 7, sis posi-tioning, durability and 7-speed greatly improve the riding pleasure.


9. Zoom disc brake

Bezior X500:Taiwan's original ZOOM HB-875 sensor-type dual hydraulic disc brake,CNC anode integrated mold, the brake feel and stability are greatly improved,hydraulic brake lever, integrated hydraulic cylinder,achieve zero cylinder explosion rate, and far exceed In addition to the safety of the front and rear wheels, the rear disc brake weighs only 0.62KG.

Bezior X500PRO:It adopts Taiwan ZOOM disc brake,dual system of front and rear disc brakes, S disc brake disc, fast heat dissipation, automatically cut off the power by pinching the brake lever, the emergency brake can also brake efficiently and smoothly.


10. Ergonomic seat

The streamlined widening seat and ergonomic design are both spacious and comfortable,he exercise posture is better and the riding experience is more friendly.


11. Vehicle size

Bezior X500:(1)Unfold:The seat is 85-105cm above the ground;handlebar 110cm from the ground. length 198cm.(2)Fold:Height 100cm;45cm in width;length 105cm.

Bezior X500PRO:(1)Unfold:The seat is 80-95cm above the ground;handlebar 105cm from the ground;length 185cm. (2)Fold:Height 100cm;45cm in width;length 95cm.


12. Bezior X500 series product color

Bezior X500:Black green/Black yellow.

Bezior X500PRO:Black yellow/Army green.


13.Detailed parameters of bezior X500 series products



The above is the detailed evaluation of Bezior X500 series. It can be seen that the parameters and functions of X500 series are still good. Consumers can choose to buy Bezior X500 or Bezior x500pro according to their actual situation


The article was originally written by Urbike.


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