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4 aspects to distinguish the quality of electric bicycle motor

  • 30 Mar 2022

Electric bicycle motor is like the "heart" of the electric bicycle, the same set of 48V 20AH battery, good quality and high efficiency motor can run 45-55 km, so when buying an electric bicycle must pay attention to the choice of high-quality accessories. So how can you tell the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycle motor? The authors summarize 4 key factors.


Since the motor is sealed, if you judge it fundamentally, you need to use certain external tools, such as a multimeter. In addition to the use of professional tools, you can also judge from the appearance of materials and general performance. All of the above methods can be simply boiled down to: one look, two listen, three touch, four test.


1. Look: see the shell.

The outer plating work done by a good motor general appearance is brighter, refurbished machine is gray and dull. Then you can look at the motor trademark, generally larger manufacturers value brand development will be marked, which is a reflection of the quality of the brand. Finally, you can see whether the motor has industry certification, in line with industry norms of the motor will also be more secure.


2. Touch: touch the temperature.

To stop the motor consumers can use their hands to sense the temperature of the motor, the lower the temperature, the better the heat dissipation of the motor, the better the performance.


3. Listen: listen to the power.

In the test drive, consumers can be loaded when starting power is abundant, the power is not abundant is likely to cut corners on the motor coil.


4. Test: test resistance.

Detection of AC three-phase motor good or bad shaking table, 500V shaking table can be, shaking the three terminals on the line to the motor shell insulation resistance, in more than 0.5M Ohm means no short circuit to ground.

Multimeter test: measure the resistance value between the three phases of A/B/C, whether equal. The greater the difference in value, the worse the motor performance. And the greater the motor power, the smaller the resistance value! But can not be three phases are 0 Europe, unless, for example, more than 50KW particularly large motor, but the current electric bicycle applications can be said to have no.


Currently there are three main types of motors used in electric bicycles.

Brushed high-speed motors. High motor efficiency, overload climbing ability, high starting torque, output power after deceleration through variable speed gear device, with noise.

Brushless low-speed motor. No reduction gear device, with the advantages of maintenance-free and noiseless. However, the controller is complicated, the starting current is high, and the overload climbing ability is poor.

Brushed low-speed motor. No reducer gear device, simple structure, low cost, poor starting uphill overload capacity, high power consumption.


Because the brush high-speed motor speed is high (high-speed motor 3000 rpm, low-speed motor 500 rpm), the need to decelerate through the reduction gear device to output high torque power, so its noise than the low-speed motor noise is relatively large. High-speed than low-speed motor production process is complex, high cost, such as some brand-name electric bicycle more than the use of high-speed motor. The main indicator of the motor is the motor efficiency and dynamics, the biggest weakness of the low-speed motor is the low efficiency of the motor, the magnet is easy to fade, heavy weight, poor dynamics, powerless riding, and high power consumption. Power consumption, etc. At present, the brand of electric bicycle is particularly mixed, most of the brands from small and medium-sized enterprises, if you want to buy electric bicycle, please carefully consult, carefully purchase.


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