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5 advantages of electric bicycle are favored by people

  • 16 Dec 2021

What are the advantages of electric bicycle? Today, electric bicycles seem to be everywhere. Why are electric bicycles so popular? What are the advantages of electric bicycle? The editor of 'Urbike' will discuss with you the advantages of electric bicycle:

1. Freedom of movement

Like bicycles, being able to travel to various places can be regarded as a major advantage of electric bicycle. Including "places where cars can not go", "places without buses", "places where motor vehicles are prohibited", "places where factories, mines, communities and schools are not allowed". People ride and electric at will, come and go freely, flexible and convenient.

Indeed, electric bicycle are small and light, and can easily cross the streets and lanes. Especially in those cities where there is an inch of land and an inch of gold, electric bicycle can be easily placed in the basement of the floor and stored in the designated location of the community. There is no need to occupy parking spaces and too much public space.

2. Economic benefits

Ms. Alice lives in the suburbs and works in the city. She used to drive a car every day, but a few days ago, she bought a new electric bicycle, which is not only convenient to go to and from work, but also has a lot of gas money left.

Indeed, like bicycles, electric bicycle do not need to pay road maintenance fees, while the price of an ordinary electric vehicle is generally only between 500-2500 Euros.At the same time, electricity is much cheaper than oil. Who doesn't like cheap things?

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

electric bicycle has another advantage: it can achieve zero emission and does not pollute the atmosphere. Similarly,100 kilometers, cars generally need 5-15 liters of gasoline and motorcycles need 2-6 liters of oil, but electric bicycle only cost about 1-3 kwh. With the increasing global energy crisis, electric bicycle is a very rational choice.

In today's increasingly serious pollution, we use more electric bicycle, which has also contributed to environmental protection.

4. Convenient charging

An electric bicycle can generally run dozens of kilometers a day, and charging is also very convenient: after using it during the day, take the electric vehicle battery home at night and charge it. Very convenient. In case the electric car runs out of electricity, you can also rely on manpower to ride back. It's much more convenient than a car without gas.

5. Riding safety

Because the electric bicycle is relatively light and slow (the speed can be controlled and limited within a reasonable range), at the same time, with the requirements of riders, the driving safety performance of electric vehicles has been improved, especially the brake (double disc brake) and other indicators have been greatly improved, which can meet the daily travel safety needs of people.


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