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E-bike commuting can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection?

  • 21 Dec 2021

There are more and more infections and asymptomatic cases in the global outbreak of COVID-19. The whole world is facing a very serious problem: Many people need daily commuting,how can we avoid or reduce the spread of COVID-19 through traffic?Can electric bicycle help with commuting?


Influenced by COVID-19, the number of people who choose to ride or drive private cars now increases sharply, although they can reduce the risk of virus transmission to some extent, but also urban diseases such as large area traffic jams, prolonged commuting time, large public areas occupied by parking, large scale carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

In this situation, the bicycle with zero pollution, convenience and speed is more and more favored by the public all over the world. At the same time, it has also received the support of officials and people from various countries. France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries have built many special bicycle lanes. The data also show that the global bicycle sales have increased day by day recently (last year, the global growth rate was more than 30%).

But ordinary bicycles (mechanical bicycle) there is a great pressure on people who commute for a long distance: it is more appropriate to commute less than 3km. More than 3km will have a certain impact on the physical fitness and commuting time of cyclists. If it exceeds 5km, it will have a great impact. For example, mountain roads or other roads with more uphill and downhill slopes will have a greater impact, especially on commuters; The emergence of electric bicycle solves the above problems. It can not only enjoy the fun of riding, but also effectively solve some problems caused by long distance or bad road conditions. Data show that in many countries, the sales of electric bicycles exceed the sales of ordinary bicycles.


There are the following precautions for the purchase of electric bicycles:

1. Choose your own suitable shape, color and size according to your own conditions and preferences.For example, if you want to carry it conveniently, you can choose a lighter or foldable electric bicycle (more popular).

2. Choose a trustworthy brand. Good brand quality and after-sales service are much better to help you solve your worries.

3. Select tires and motors suitable for road conditions according to the usual commuting conditions.

4. Select a safe battery pack to ensure personal safety to the greatest extent.

5. Comfort. For people with long riding distance and time, comfortable riding is very important. They can fully enjoy the fun of riding without feeling tired.

Now online shopping has gradually become the mainstream. Choosing to buy electric bicycles online is not only cheap. It can also reduce the risk of infection caused by going out.


Electric bicycle commuting can reduce our risk of infection with COVID-19, and we also need to develop good prevention practices. I believe that through our joint efforts, we will be able to defeat COVID-19 in the near future.


The above article is original by the author (urbike), and the arguments in the article only represent the author's personal views


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