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European old and new forces - take you to reveal the OLI e-bike system

  • 05 Aug 2022

"Electric bicycle", a familiar and unfamiliar new term gradually entered the public's field of vision under the background of "double carbon". Compared with bicycles in the traditional sense and the more popular battery cars in recent years, electric bicycles are undoubtedly much younger. However, with the popularization of the concept of "green travel" in recent years, the market of electric bicycles has expanded rapidly, and brand competition has become more and more more intense. Today, let us approach OLI, a brand originating from Italy, and feel the charm of this brand with strong genetic heritage and full of youthful vitality.

OLI was established in 1961. After 61 years of technological innovation, OLI has become a global leader in vibration industry technology by serving global customers with excellent quality. Based on decades of extraordinary experience in the field of electric motors, OLI officially launched the electric bicycle project in 2015 - OLI eBike Systems, and has since embarked on the road of providing solutions for future travel.

OLI eBike Systems inherits the strong genes of Modena, Italy, the "capital of engines". The R&D team gathers technicians, engineers and bicycle enthusiasts. All products embody the infinite love for electric bicycles. Whether it is urban cycling, outing sports, or mountain off-road, OLI provides a complete set of complete solutions for any usage scenario.

OLI e-Bike Systems provides motors, monitors, batteries and other related accessories for electric bicycles, and its core product, motor, has a very high market acceptance rate. There are two main series of motors, EDGE series and EDGE series. Let's take a look.

The SPORT series motor, the star product of OLI, adopts double internal gear transmission, which runs smoothly and efficiently. With accurate torque sensor and control software, it can generate great torque with a very low cadence frequency. The fixed hole is a traditional 2x3 M8 Dedicated fixing holes can be used with plastic guards. SPORT series motors are distinguished by their maximum torque, which can be divided into SPORT ONE and SPORT PLUS. With a maximum torque of 58Nm, the SPORT ONE has enough boost for everyday use and is perfect for city commuting. The PORT PLUS, with a maximum torque of 83Nm, can easily travel even in steep mountain terrain, suitable for heavy-duty urban travel and mild mountain off-road.


EDGE series motors, the strong ones in the OLI motor product series, provide 90Nm of energy, super power and OLI’s re-developed control unit, carefully configured to provide a natural pedaling feeling in any situation, making riding lighter and more comfortable. Powerful and smooth. EDGE series motors include EDGE-BH and EDGE-SH to meet the installation needs of different customers.

In order to achieve "every stroke of the pedal is the world's top level", OLI commissioned the international product safety service center to conduct testing, and continued to debug and improve power, mechanical strength and load capacity, and strive to overcome difficulties. "Dry power", the CargoBike cargo bike equipped with the OLI electric assist system can output full-load power with easy pedaling, and can reach a loading capacity of 300 kg in the load test.

Of course, in addition to the powerful motor, OLI's integrated display and battery are also very colorful. The design of the display is simple and elegant, and it can be installed seamlessly with any handlebar. The high-definition screen and the best viewing angle allow the rider to see all the information at a glance. As for OLI's batteries, two models are suitable for all types. The 370Wh semi-integrated battery is convenient and compact, and the shape can be customized; the 630Wh fully integrated, hidden battery is compatible with various types of pipes.

OLI eBike System, the perfect combination of passion and technology, makes every journey full of fun.

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