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Porsche teamed up with PON Group to deepen the field of E-bike

  • 14 Jul 2022

German sports car brand Porsche acquired a 20% stake in German e-bike drive system maker Fazua earlier this year. The news has attracted widespread attention in the industry. In late May, Porsche acquired the remaining 80% stake through a further transaction with Fazua, which will be Fully own the company. It is also part of Porsche's expansion of its e-bike business.

In addition, Porsche recently announced that it will cooperate with Europe's largest bicycle group Pon (the parent company of well-known bicycle brands such as Cannondale, Schwinn, Cervelo, Santa Cruz) and its sustainability fund Ponooc. Porsche plans to form two joint ventures with Ponooc, which will be active in the field of electric mobility. The first joint venture is to develop, manufacture and sell the next generation of high-quality Porsche electric bicycles. The second company will focus on providing technology solutions for the fast-growing small vehicle market.

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