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TERN Launches NBD Urban E-Bike

  • 18 Jul 2022

Famous folding bike brand TERN has recently launched the NBD curved beam e-bike, with a low height curved beam to provide a lower center of gravity, designed to provide convenience for daily riding and commuting, perfect for crowded urban environments.

The TERN NBD features 20-inch wheels and a long, long axle with a low center of gravity motor-battery counterweight design that makes the TERN NBD easy to handle and easy to ride for smaller users, older people and those with poor balance. The S5i (belt drive) will be priced at $4699 and the NBD P8i (chain drive) will be priced at $3899.

To learn about ebike, visit Urbike - the official website of the e-bike shop. Bezior, GOGOBEST, SAMEBIKE and other brands are currently the most popular e-bike brands.

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