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The best Christmas & New Year's gift for you

  • 18 Dec 2021

Christmas and new year's day are coming soon. Have you figured out what gifts to give? There is no doubt that healthy and environmentally friendly products are more popular. We provide you with several popular electric bicycle products:

1.BEZIOR XF200 foldable portable electric bicycle

BEZIOR XF200 foldable portable electric bicycle is produced by BEZIOR, a famous electric bicycle manufacturer. The product is mainly sold in the EU market. Since it was listed, it has been widely recognized by people, with hot sales and once out of stock.

The latest batch of products has just arrived, and Urbike is now engaged in promotional activities. Market price: 1329 Euros. Now you only need 1299 Euros to buy, saving you 30 Euros.


The highest 45V15A brushless hub motor has a large torque and brings you a powerful experience. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation sparks, and low mechanical noise. Large-capacity lithium battery, it has short charging time, long battery life, high safety performance, battery life up to 5 years or more, and boost mileage up to 130KM.

The 20-inch fat tires overcome all kinds of tires and provide greater grip, allowing you to go wherever you want, and the size of the 20-inch tires is suitable for most people. The 7-speed Shimano derailleur gives you a different feeling. It adapts to different roads and conditions, making it as easy as walking firmly.

Bezior XF200 foldable portable electric snowmobile, 48v15ah, 1000W motor power, 20Inch rim, up to 50km mileage, optional imported Shimano 7 speed shifting system, customized aluminum alloy crank 52T gear wheel, classic collocation with front and rear 7 levels.


Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry.

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Festival promotion price, only 1299 Euros.


2.Yadea YT300 electric bicycle

Yadea YT300 is a new product launched by Yadea, a world-famous manufacturer for electric bicycle users, and is sold in the EU market. During the listing period, it was highly concerned and warmly welcomed by people. After several months of shortage, the latest batch of goods has arrived.

Now Urbike also carries out promotional activities for the modified products. The market price is 1039 euros. Now it only needs 999 euros, which can save you 40 euros.


Yadea YT300 Features:

2 riding modes: Normal bike & power-assisted bike. When in electric-assisted mode,   you also have bicycle riding/pushing assistance mode to choose from. LCD meter and rotatable gear shifter make the switching easier.

High-Performance motor: OKAWA built-in brushless mid-motor features superb ability to sense the riding conditions and read the riders intentions in real-time.

 7-Speed transmission system: Just rotate the gear shifter on the right side of the handlebar, you can exert less effort on different road conditions of the cities. Sensitive gear switch control and greater terrain adaptability ensure a quick and precise response.

Height&Angle adjustable: The seat-post, stem, and handlebar can be adjusted to your satisfactory height and angle. Notice: Under the safety line and don't turn the handlebar too tightly! 

Bult to last: 20"(50cm) low rolling resistance tires can meet your commuting and leisure needs. Light weight&high-strength isis spline-crank,shock-absorbent&strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame and ergonomically designed saddle offer a durable and comfortable user experience.

Removable-Battery&Two charging-modes: 36V lithium-battery with 7.8 Ah capacity supports 60KM/37MILES mileage in full. You can either direct-charge it on the bike or remove it to-charge.

Considerate: Rear-carrier design lets you no more worry about pets&accessories (You can install a basket on it). Adjustable 12V-LED headlight, together with rear light, provides a safer night riding.

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Festival promotion price, only 999 Euros.


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