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Will you buy electric bicycle?

  • 16 Dec 2021

As people move away from public transportation and begin to seek electric bicycles as a commuting tool, and take this active and gentle commuting leisure riding as a habit, the sales of electric bicycles have risen sharply.

The bicycle industry has long known that electric-assisted bicycles are a growing market, but when the supply of parts is difficult to meet all ebike configuration needs, the industry has never expected such a sharp increase in demand. For core cycling enthusiasts, this is the era of dispelling prejudice and re-understanding-as long as you participate in cycling, you can benefit.

In addition to the increase in the number of commuters, electric-assisted bicycles have also attracted a more diverse group of riders: the elderly are keenly discovering (or rediscovering) the benefits of cycling because electric-assisted bicycles allow them to overcome distance and slope. More confidence in the area, and thus more ambitious rides.

Of course there are strange electric bicycles, but most of them are commuter bicycles, the purpose of which is transportation, not sports or adventure. It is worth noting that in the past two years, many well-respected bicycle brands, whether large brands or niche boutiques, have launched agile electric-assisted road bikes and gravel bikes.

BEZIOR-X500 ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE, this is a sports and commuting ebike, simple yet elegant, even the most fanatical bicycle purists have a strong desire to ride.

BEZIOR-X500 ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE uses a 500w rear hub motor to provide a very natural and linear pedaling assistance function.


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