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Electric bicycle motor disassembly and maintenance

  • 08 Apr 2022

If you love electric bicycle, you must want to know how to maintain the electric bicycle motor, right? Today, Urbike reveals the disassembly and maintenance of electric bicycle motor for you. In the electric bicycle industry, electric bicycle motor generally refers to the motor assembly, including the motor heart, reduction mechanism, etc. The electric bicycle we talk about below all refers to the motor assembly and maintenance


1. Disassembly of the motor 

Before disassembling the motor, you should first unplug the motor and controller leads, and then make sure to record the one-to-one correspondence between the motor lead color and the controller lead color. 

Before opening the motor end cover should be cleaned for the site to prevent debris from being sucked on the magnets in the motor. Make a good mark of the relative position of the end cover and hub. Note: Be sure to loosen the screws diagonally to avoid deformation of the motor housing. 

Motor rotor and stator radial clearance called air gap (air gap), the general motor air gap between 0.25-0.8mm, when the disassembly of the motor to exclude the motor fault, must be the original end cover marks for assembly, so as to prevent the second assembly after the sweep phenomenon.


2. Lubrication of the gears inside the motor 

If the brush with gear hub motor and brushless with gear hub motor running noise began to become louder, or replaced the gears in the motor, all gear teeth should be greased with grease, generally use No. 3 grease or the manufacturer's specified lubricant. 


3. Motor assembly 

Before assembling the brush motor, please check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush grip, check whether the carbon brush and the brush grip are touching, check whether the carbon brush can reach the maximum stroke in the brush grip, and pay attention to the correct positioning of the carbon brush and the phase changer to avoid jamming the carbon brush or the brush grip. 

When installing the motor, first clean the impurities on the surface of the motor parts so as not to affect the normal operation of the motor, and make sure to fix the hub body solid so as not to cause the parts to hit and damage each other due to the strong attraction of the magnets during installation.


For more information about electric bicycle motor, electric bicycle battery and electric bicycle maintenance, pay attention to Urbike blog site.


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