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BESV patented algorithm forcibly breaks through the industry ceiling - The leader of e-bike

  • 16 May 2022

Since its establishment in 2011, the electric bicycle brand BESV from Darfon Electronics, a subsidiary of BenQ AUO Group, a Fortune 500 company, has successively set up sales bases on five continents around the world, and has become a trend in Europe, Japan, and the United States.


As the leader of e-bike, BESV provides a new way of life in addition to the original choice of electric vehicles and bicycles!

What is BESV?

Beautiful (beautiful), Eco-friendly (environmental protection), Smarter (wisdom) outline the Vision (vision) we are pursuing, and extracting the prefix of these four English words becomes the BESV brand. It stands for a visionary, smart kinetic bike, beautiful and smart, with a mind-blowing design.


We hope that the products and services brought by BESV can provide every user with an unprecedented amazing experience.


Algorhythm power drive system

Every smart kinetic energy bicycle produced by BESV is equipped with a power drive system - Algorhythm, which is jointly developed by the BESV professional team. It uses sophisticated software programming, cooperates with the electronically controlled transmission system, and transmits operation instructions to the motor. auxiliary power.

This technology allows you to switch between pedaling and kinetic assist smoothly and smoothly without rushing, "Algorhythm" is to provide riders with an unparalleled new riding experience!

Smart technology smart mode makes riding more comfortable

The Smart Mode developed by BESV can calculate the power you need according to your riding conditions and pedaling force, and automatically adjust the output horsepower, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable riding experience!

Smart Mode utilizes advanced induction technology and our Algorhythm powertrain to automatically adjust the horsepower output so you're always comfortable between pedaling.

Innovative Optical Design

Combined with aerodynamics, the dazzling headlights combine practical lighting with fashionable design, and make full use of the main LED light source with the reflective light cup design. The sight is clear and uninterrupted, and the light is soft and not glare.

A CAD/CAE design system based on car technology

The frame of BESV smart kinetic energy bicycle is based on the CAD/CAE computer-aided design and engineering system of automobile technology. We design an innovative bicycle body with a bright and fashionable appearance.

Full ecological chain layout

Darfon Group is making acquisitions around the world, from traditional bicycle manufacturing to new energy technology companies, and will gradually build a complete ecological chain of the BESV brand.

Shitong KENSTONE – European high-end brand frame manufacturer

Tiexing IRON ORE - A well-known bicycle accessories agency in the Asia-Pacific region

KLIGHT SPORT - 85% bicycle accessories distributor in Taiwan

TD HITECH ENERGY - New Energy Technology

UNICTRON - Data Technology Specialist

ASTRO TECH - Shimano, manufacturer of Bosch e-bike frames

Experience Amazing!

BESV, which has European blood, has landed in China with European riding culture. Urban e-bike extends the urban riding distance from "traditional 3km" to infinite possibilities. The cycling culture of e-bike combines cycling and commuting, and BESV strives to give every user a unique cycling experience. In addition to European cycling culture, it also brings European a

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