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Riding an e-bike: Experience "Electrified" from all aspects

  • 04 Jun 2022

The first time I rode an was in Copenhagen, trying to make the most of my travel time to visit the city center. A long line of white bike frames lined up along the road by the Frederiksholm canal in the city centre seemed to suggest that I was the best solution for my needs

The touchscreen on the handlebar taught me how to pick up the car from the parking lot, pay rent and get around the city based on an accurate map of the various points in the central city. In fact, all of these processes are very simple, even for people who are not used to pedal assist, which I have never tried. The electric motor is mounted on the rack on the back of the bike, making the bike heavier than I thought it would be, and I started riding without knowing what to do with such a heavy bike.

And just like that, after a lap I didn't expect: the sudden leap made me scream in fear like a little girl! Luckily, right after that, the bike began to fly agilely and briskly, which reassured me right away: it was just a matter of adjusting the strength of the legs and letting the pedal assist take it along. I can also enjoy the beauty of the Danish capital in comfort.

This scene, however, reminds me that it is often inevitable to use a tool incorrectly, mostly because of not understanding its features and usage guidelines. So, I took a closer look and found out that the e-bike, also known as the pedelec smart bike, starts the battery motor by pedaling and can reach a top speed of 25 km/h. The relevant EU directives are very clear: riders are responsible if they push too hard beyond this maximum speed. Therefore, to be on the safe side, the most ideal way is to limit the total power of the battery engine in complex situations, such as steep slopes or when the rider is particularly tired. In addition, rely more on the ability and endurance of the legs! The most common problem for first-time e-bike riders is the one I experienced firsthand: sudden leaps.

This requires quick reflexes, steadying the bike and not allowing it to fall over in the middle of passing traffic. Special care is required in some special environments, such as driving on slippery roads, encountering tram tracks or rain, because compared with ordinary bicycles, high-speed driving may cause serious falls.

If you ride an e-bike every day with similar daily trips, it is useful to have a special seat cover for e-bike electric bicycles, which will make your journey more comfortable on rough roads. The importance of the saddle in the daily use of an e-bike: the technical features, ergonomics and geometry of the saddle can actually change the functional application of the bike and must therefore be paired with different types of pedaling and posture. In the past two years, Selle Royal has decided to devote energy and effort to the research and development of new products for the needs of electric bicycles, team up with a design studio with international standards, and show it to its many enthusiasts as soon as possible.

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