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Clinical rehabilitation of electric bicycles into new use

  • 06 Jun 2022

clinical rehabilitation

The use scenarios of electric bicycles are not limited to commuting and leisure riding, but can also be used as a means of clinical rehabilitation. Studies have shown that outdoor exercise can help people with stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and people with congenital motor dysfunction recover faster.

Electric-assisted cycling is an easy and healthy way of exercise. The biggest advantage is that the electric-assist gear can be adjusted according to the patient's endurance and health status, helping rehabilitation exercise patients to do what they can.

In the United States, Pat Phillips, wife of Ted, who suffered a stroke and aphasia, said that Ted gradually regained his "judgment ability" by riding an electric tricycle. “When on the road, he had to make the decision to ride on the right or make sure he didn’t ride to the left of the road. This act of having to make real-time judgments in real life was very important to his recovery. Cycling is an aerobic exercise that stimulates brain cells, and we all know how important that is...and being outdoors, fresh air, sunlight and light are important for recovery and healing."

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