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BMW audio maker enters E-bike

  • 05 Jul 2022

Blaupunkt is the European market leader in car audio and car navigation, providing audio equipment for German car brands such as Volkswagen and BMW. In recent years, the Sapphire brand has entered a range of consumer electronics products, from kitchen mixers to massagers.

Recently, Sapphire launched its electric bicycle products at the Sea Otter Bicycle Show in California, USA. Sapphire's electric-assist bike featured a magnesium-alloy frame that folds for storage and transport; Shimano derailleurs, Tektro disc brakes, and batteries from LG and Samsung.

Sapphire has factories in Poland and Uruguay, targeting the European and American markets, respectively. Nearshore production avoids European anti-dumping regulations and U.S. tariffs. The company revealed that the tariff advantage is the key to the price of Lambo electric mopeds below $2,000.

Sapphire says the target audience is commuter cyclists over the age of 50. The first car that many people in Europe and the United States had was a German brand with a Lamborghini stereo. The brand sees some overlap between these individuals and commuter users. Sapphire also plans to contact Forbes and The Wall Street Journal for evaluation, in order to reach more people over 50 with commuting needs.

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