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How to prevent spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles?

  • 13 Apr 2022

In recent years, electric bicycles have become increasingly popular due to their lightness, convenience, economy and environmental friendliness. While providing convenience to life, this mode of transportation also poses certain risks. Recently, there have been spontaneous combustion of electric bicycles in many places. Although the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion is relatively small, but a little inattention, but still may lead to fire tragedy. Imagine if an e-bike parked at home burns itself up and there is a combustible medium around, what will happen? To avoid such an accident, Urbike, a famous e-bike dealer, introduces some precautions in the use of e-bikes.


In Urbike's opinion, while there are certainly quality problems with e-bike spontaneous combustion, how the owner uses it is also critical. Generally speaking, e-bikes are powered by batteries, and their internal circuitry is complex. If used improperly and lack of maintenance, its internal wires are easily aged. If the interior of the rainwater, may also lead to electric bicycle circuit short circuit, and then cause spontaneous combustion. In addition, the electric bicycle charging time is too long, the use of unknown chargers, overdue service, overload, etc., may cause natural. The high temperature in summer and the long time of storing electric bicycles in the open air may also cause natural.


"As long as owners pay attention to the care of electric bicycles and take the necessary measures, spontaneous combustion is very difficult to occur." Urbike home to remind owners, when storing electric bicycles, try to store in a cool place; hot weather, the speed should not be too fast, the best way to stop for 10-20 minutes when using for a long time; chargers try not to put on the car, to avoid bumps in the road, sun exposure, etc. lead to their own voltage rise, and thus cause spontaneous combustion; charging, the charger is best placed in the shade When charging, it is best to place the charger on the cool ground to facilitate heat dissipation; the charging time should not exceed 12 hours.


Urbike especially emphasizes that the normal life span of an electric bike is 3-5 years. If it is longer than that, owners should pay attention to whether the wiring is aging and whether the battery pack needs to be replaced. In addition, owners should also try to avoid driving in rainy days and waterlogged roads to avoid spontaneous combustion due to water short-circuiting of the motor. When buying an electric bicycle, be sure to buy products from regular manufacturers, do not be greedy for cheap, and do not alter the internal wiring of the electric bicycle.


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